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Let none be like another

Yet each be like the highest

How can that be?

Let each be perfect in himself



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Established in 1937, with a small group of 7 children, the Children's Garden School Society and its sister ventures, now serves the needs of 3000 children in three city schools in Chennai, and two rural schools at Sholinganallore and Karaipakkam, Tamil Nadu, South India.

High quality education, in an atmosphere of love and freedom, to children from all social, economic and religious backgrounds

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Latest News!

Today, 15th November, we celebrate the birth of our founder, Mrs. Ellen Sharma, who was born on this day, 1898. On this occasion, we have organised a special day for teachers from all our schools. With special programs, workshops, lectures and feedback on topics ranging from pedagogy to child psychology, we celebrate the birth of this great teacher and leader.

This year 2008-2009, we have a program of upgrading our science laboratories in our city and rural schools. Our new computer and audio-visual room in Sholinganallore is open to children from our school and is in the process of being developed further.

Teacher's Training programs. We run programs for Kindergarten Training during the summer holidays for a period of 1 month. Contact us

Teacher's Training programs on Inclusive education are held for in-service teachers Contact us.

Details on admission procedures will be posted in the month of January 2009.


Inclusive Education Programs: Integrating mentally and physically challenged children into the mainstream for the past three decades.
Check out our new project 'Kolam Children's Museum' in collaboration with the Sharma Centre for Heritage Education
Educational programs for refugee children-implemented since the 1970's. Tibetan refugee children for the past three generations have been attending our school.
Read more on our founders and on their methods of education